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Parsa Gostar Sazeh Company is one of the leading companies in the field of façade engineering and design. Since 2000, its staff of specialists, engineers, architects and experienced executive team have done hundreds of small and big projects.Long-lasting connection with well-known companies worldwide, has significantly helped us in choosing and importing the best materials for our customers. In addition, technical knowledge and quality of work is what our clients like the most about us.
Plus efficient use of materials and innovative designs in engineering


Careful consideration and attention to the technical sides and using the plans of action in accordance with the latest technologies, construction methods and materials are very important for constructing a building with great architecture. In addition, choosing the right materials, innovative implementation and designing details have a significant impact in raising the level of project quality, reduce costs and avoid loss of capital. In this regard, the design department of our company does its job at the highest level of engineering. We also offer consultancy services and the design of phase one and phase two.

Efficient use of materials and innovative designs

Efficient use of materials is a method of saving money in this industry. Knowing this, Parsa Gostar Sazeh uses the least materials by offering creative and economic designs in order to reduce the waste of materials and create eye-catching projects that are second to none.

Facade Engineering
• Choosing appropriate materials
• Choice of instalation system
• Cost control and timing
• Building physics
• Structureal, static & seismic calculation
• Standards, quality control tests and analysis of solutions
• Energy studies
• Thermal, acoustic & moisture insulation calculus
• Implemetation details of fire & smoke stop
• Wind tunnel assessment
• Development of new systems
• Mock-up development & analysis of installation
• Workshop follow-up & supervision

Services we offer:

Parsa Gostar Sazeh offers the following services in the field of facade designing and implementing:


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